Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wine and beer business card collection

Business cards for wine and beer
Wine and beer business cards
It's always the right time of year for wine, but especially so coming up to the holiday season. Perhaps you sell wine door to door, have an off-sales or off-license shop or store, or an importer. Whether a special collector's vintage bordeaux or a table rosé, or even for promoting your home made wine and beer, here are designs from three of my Zazzle shops.

There are several of bunches of grapes, some against a blue sky - designed with vineyards in mind, and some overlaid with water droplets as if submersed in wine in a cold glass. Two of vintage paintings of grapes, both purple and white.

Some which are proving popular are those with a glassful of wine with a grapevine showing through in the background, in both horizontal and vertical format, and with burgundy, white or rosé wine.

For restaurants, chefs and bistros as well, there are cards with images of a glass of red and a garlic bulb, and for connoisseurs and fine wine suppliers, a vintage illustration of a grape vine with curly tendrils.

Last but not least, a business card for beer sellers and brewers, bars and pubs, with two sunlit glasses of lager type beer on a table outdoors.

The link below the image will take you to the collection on Zazzle. Most of these have matching labels in my stores for home brewers.


  1. Great biz. cards, very professional for anyone in the beer and wine industry

  2. Beautiful Selection of business cards.