Monday, November 30, 2015

Gift certificates for Christmas

Many businesses think of giving gift certificates, and I came across these lovely tasteful cards on Zazzle. Suitable for absolutely any business, available on business cards and postcards, and beautifully and professionally designed with Christmas baubles and ribbons, some with a spiralling ribbon in the shape of a Christmas tree, with space to write a person's name, date and expiry date and amount. In a variety of colour themes.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dog themed business card templates

Dog business cards horizontal templates
It's a while since I've included any dog-related cards, so here is my updated range, with a pair of vintage Jack Russell terriers, perhaps for breeders, and some of my own mixed breed hound who can really turn on the pathos! He could be very suitable for petsitters or dog walkers. There is a photo of him digging in a mole hill, so for a bit of fun I thought that might make a molecatcher's card. Another shows him helping himself to rosehips - perfect for healthy pet food businesses! A very hairy sheepdog with hair over it's eyes which makes a dog grooming card with a bit of humour. A vintage Jack Russell photographed with a bandaged eye and leg for vets and animal hospitals, and one of another dog looking a bit mean and nervous, for behaviour specialists and trainers. Lastly a terrier and puppy playing tug with a rubber bone, for sellers of supplies and toys, or perhaps doggy day care. Of course, any of these can be used for any canine business. Both of these images link to the same collection.
Dog photo business cards vertical templates

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wine and beer business card collection

Business cards for wine and beer
Wine and beer business cards
It's always the right time of year for wine, but especially so coming up to the holiday season. Perhaps you sell wine door to door, have an off-sales or off-license shop or store, or an importer. Whether a special collector's vintage bordeaux or a table rosé, or even for promoting your home made wine and beer, here are designs from three of my Zazzle shops.

There are several of bunches of grapes, some against a blue sky - designed with vineyards in mind, and some overlaid with water droplets as if submersed in wine in a cold glass. Two of vintage paintings of grapes, both purple and white.

Some which are proving popular are those with a glassful of wine with a grapevine showing through in the background, in both horizontal and vertical format, and with burgundy, white or rosé wine.

For restaurants, chefs and bistros as well, there are cards with images of a glass of red and a garlic bulb, and for connoisseurs and fine wine suppliers, a vintage illustration of a grape vine with curly tendrils.

Last but not least, a business card for beer sellers and brewers, bars and pubs, with two sunlit glasses of lager type beer on a table outdoors.

The link below the image will take you to the collection on Zazzle. Most of these have matching labels in my stores for home brewers.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Metal effect industrial designs

Today's collection is from Artform the Heart, and is a set of business card templates for construction and metal workers, with designs including diamond plate patterns, carbon fibre and a brushed steel effect. They can be given an extra metallic look by selecting a platinum or pearl card stock.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Glass ripples and abstract business cards

For something completely different, if your trade or profession is not really quantifiable - or even if it is, why not go for an abstract design? Here is a colourful range from Helikettle. I love the rippled glass effect patterns, and the pixelated designs could be used for computer based businesses or even patchwork quilters, there are also mosaics  - have a look and see if one would suit your business!