Friday, September 10, 2010

Wood turner business card

For wood turners, cabinet makers and carpenters, this is a business card with a close-up photo of a man working a piece of wood on a lathe.

Stonemasons business cards

Some cards for stonemasons in the true sense of the word. One working on a block of stone, ideal for masons who specialize in producing finer detailed work for renovations or restorations. The other photo is of work in progress, converting a window to a doorway in a granite built farmhouse, for those who work on stone built houses.

Potatoes business cards

Potatoes business card Washing the Garden Potatoes profilecard
For market gardeners or potato growers, photos of freshly harvested potatoes. 

Maize field business card

A photograph of a misty maize field landscape with some maize plants in the righthand foreground, this card is suitable for any agricultural business.
Other sizes available with ready made templates:

Garlic bulbs business card

Garlic business card
Garlic business card by RuralBusiness
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A business card for market gardens or garlic growers, this is a photo of a bulk crop of garlic on a market in France.

Crop sprayer business card

A close-up photograph of a crop sprayer which could be used by farm contractors or agricultural machinery dealers. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Roses growers florists business card

French Roses, Custom Business Cards profilecard
French Roses, Custom Business Cards by EverythingBusiness
For rose growers or florists, a charming watercolour of antique roses business card

Dalmation dog care business card

"Puppy Love," Dalmatian Puppy Art by Audrey Jeanne by EverythingBusiness
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A card for dog sitters or kennels, a watercolour of a dalmation 

Homemade cupcakes business card

Custom Cupcake Sweet Shoppe Business Cards profilecard
Custom Cupcake Sweet Shoppe Business Cards by EverythingBusiness
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Plates of delicious cupcakes on this card for a home made cake business.

Oxlip wildflower business card

A card with a photo of an oxlip growing by a stream, for wildflower nurseries or conservation themed  concerns. 

Tractor and plow business card

Two business cards of tractors and plows (ploughs), one with close-up of a tractor plowing a field, and a rear view with a plow raised in the air, cut out from the background. A card for farm machinery dealers, repairers or contractors. 
Pink Daisies Business Card profilecard
Pink Daisies Business Card by funride
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A pretty floral card for you to layout and choose the fonts yourself, the reverse has the complete flower photo.
Deer Taxidermy Business Cards ~ Green profilecard
Deer Taxidermy Business Cards ~ Green by CritterCreationsbyCW
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A buck's head mounted on a wall, for taxidermists or other country sports stores or services.

Rusty horseshoe business card

Rusty Horseshoe on Wooden Wall Rural Business Card profilecard
Rusty Horseshoe on Wooden Wall Rural Business Card by DigitalDreambuilder
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A rusty horseshoe hanging on weathered planks, perfect for country and cottage industries

Country lane business card

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A painting of a country lane with a barn and silo in the background, for any farm or rural industry.

Carniverous and bog plants business card

Wetlands Plants profilecard
Wetlands Plants by BotanicalArt
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 A venus fly trap card for conservationists, or carniverous or bog plant growers.  

Chives herbs business card

Chive Herb Flower Bloom profilecard
Chive Herb Flower Bloom by CountryCorner
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 This photo of a flower head of chives is ideal for a herb nursery or market gardener.