Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alpaca wool hand knitted squares business card

Spinning or knitting business card profilecard
Spinning or knitting business card by ruralfrance
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Hand knitted squares of natural home spun wool for knitters and spinners, alpaca wool but could be used for sheep fleece.

Hay bales in a field business card

Country Business Cards profilecard
Country Business Cards by Luckyturtle
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Round hay bales in a farm landscape 

Fresh water river fish business card

A photograph of a freshwater river fish for any fishing related business, or conservation organization.

Dressage horse and rider business card

Dressage Half Pass Horse Business Card profilecard
Dressage Half Pass Horse Business Card by twopurringcats
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This beautiful illustration of a dressage horse and rider performing a half pass would be perfect for horse breeders and riding instructors

Vineyard business card

Bus Card - Grape Vine profilecard
Bus Card - Grape Vine by bkmuir
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Suitable for vineyards and winemakers, a card with a photo of grape vines. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wild oats business card

Fruiting Wild Oat business card template profilecard
Fruiting Wild Oat business card template by HightonRidley
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This card with a close-up of a wild oat seedhead could be used for many country-themed professions.

Raw egg business card

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A beautifully realistic painting of an egg for any food industry business card.

Vintage cattle farmer business card

Bessie the Cow and her Farmer. profilecard
Bessie the Cow and her Farmer. by scenesfromthepast
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If you farm the old fashioned way, then this business card is for you. A vintage photograph of a farmer and cow.

Spider business card

Spider Business Cards profilecard
Spider Business Cards by Jamene
A beautiful yellow and black spider - for pest control or wildlife conservation? It depends whether you like spiders or not!

Pepper business cards

Pepper Market profilecardHot Peppers red yellow and orange profilecardRed Bell Pepper Veggie Growers profilecard
Business cards with red bell peppers and chillis for market gardeners and vegetable stores.

Colorado beetle pest control business card

Colorado beetle business card profilecard
Colorado beetle business card by ruralfrance
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For pest control services, a photo of a colorado beetle on potato crops.

Persimmon fruit business card

Fresh fruit business card profilecard
Fresh fruit business card by ruralfrance
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 A persimmon fruit growing on the tree, on a card for market gardeners.

Radish business card

Radishes Business Card profilecard
Radishes Business Card by galind
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A photo of fresh radishes for market garden and produce trades.

Carnivorous plant nursery business card

Botanical Art Carnivorous Plant profilecard
Botanical Art Carnivorous Plant by BotanicalArt
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An antique botanical illustration of a carnivorous plant, for specialized plant nurseries, gardening or conservation enterprises

Tulip business cards

A solitary red and yellow tulipa acuminata cut-out photo on a clean and simple eggshell finish card, for garden designer, botanist, rare plant nursery or horticultural trade. All customizable, the name Tulipa Acuminata to be replaced with your company or personal name.

Matching letterhead and envelopes also available

For florists, flower arrangers, plant nurseries or any business concerned with flowers, a fully customizable business card with photos of species tulip Lady Jane on the front and dutch iris Apollo on the reverse.

Yellow Tulips Business Card profilecard
Yellow Tulips Business Card by Kayatiyu
A card with painted tulips for any floral or garden business.

Countryside landscape business card

rain in tolna county profilecard
rain in tolna county by almawad
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A misty farmland landscape which could be used for any country business.

Pig farmer business card

Porky Piggies Pig Farming Agricultural profilecard
Porky Piggies Pig Farming Agricultural by CountryCorner
Perfect for pig farmers, or pork product manufacturers, two business cards with photos of sleeping pigs

Slug pest control business card

Gardening Business Slug Business Cards profilecard
Gardening Business Slug Business Cards by CountryCorner
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A garden pest control business card with a photo of a slug

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunflower photo business card

Sunflower businesscard profilecard
Sunflower businesscard by Funcards
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If you specialize in growing sunflowers as a crop, then this is the business card for you, simple but effective with a photo of part of a sunflower covering the corner. Equally suitable for garden businesses.

Galloping horses business card

This delightful business card is a pastel illustration of mustangs by award winning wildlife artist Kathie Miller.

Horse's eye close-up business card

Horses Eye Business Card profilecard
Horses Eye Business Card by poloponydesign
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A business card with a close-up of a horse's eye which could be appropriate for many equestrian or veterinary services.

Autumn leaves business card

A card with autumn or fall leaves which could be ideal for someone offering garden services, or for woodland related businesses.

Farm equipment & silage business card

This photo of green tractor and trailer gathering cut grass for silage could be used for both farm machinery sales, or farm work contracting.

Old fashioned roses business card

Old fashioned Roses profilecard
Old fashioned Roses by Bebops

This card has a beautiful photo of old fashioned roses on the reverse, for florists, rose nurseries, or just a very pretty card for any business.

Green woodland leaves business card

Landscaping Service profilecard
Landscaping Service by Bebops
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This card with a photo of leaves in the sunlight could be used for a variety of businesses - forestry, conservation or landscaping for example.

Tractor sunset landscape business card

A graphic of a tractor on a red background with the effect of fields at sunset. A good business card for any agricultural business whether farm, sales or supplies.

Black and white antique tractor business card

Antique Tractor in Black and White profilecard
Antique Tractor in Black and White by NoteableExpressions
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A monochrome antique tractor photo, an ideal card for tractor repair or sales business.

Cattle farm business card

A tasteful card with a small image of a cow on the front, for cattle farmers, dairies etc.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Loaves of bread bakery business card

Fresh bread profilecard
Fresh bread by kool27stemplates
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An appetizing collection of baked breads, for bakery businesses.

Market garden farm sunrise business card

Farm Sunrise business card profilecard
Farm Sunrise business card by SandersonDesign
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A lovely illustration of a painted wooden panel with vegetables and the word "fresh", with a sunrise graphic to one side. A card for market gardeners and garden produce.

Mixed chilis in a basket business card

Chili Pepper Business Card profilecard
Chili Pepper Business Card by Customizables
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A photograph of mixed chili peppers in a basket, a card for market gardeners and home produce. 

Wine bottle label business card

Wine Bottle Business Card profilecard
Wine Bottle Business Card by sm_business_cards
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A card with a clever slant on a wine bottle label design, which would be perfect for a home made wine business. 

Homemade fruit preserve business card

Country Cherries Business Card profilecard
Country Cherries Business Card by dmboyce
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A lovely card for home made country preserves, featuring an illustration of a jar of cherry preserve.

White wine and grapes business card

Grapes And Wine Business Card profilecard
Grapes And Wine Business Card by Buddhan
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For producers of wine or wine stores, a beautiful photo card of a glass of wine and black grapes.

Blueberry fruit business card

Blueberries Business Card profilecardBlueberry Farm profilecardBlueberry Farm profilecardBlueberries Business Card profilecardBlueberries for you to eat! profilecard
Delicious blueberry photography on business cards for market gardeners or makers of fruit preserves.

Red, green and yellow apples business card

Apple Orchard profilecardApple Orchard profilecardRed apples business card profilecard3 Apples profilecardApples business card profilecard
Simple but effective business cards: two of orchards, two different cards with red apples, and one with three apples in red green and yellow, for market gardeners or other fruit products.