Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dog themed business card templates

Dog business cards horizontal templates
It's a while since I've included any dog-related cards, so here is my updated range, with a pair of vintage Jack Russell terriers, perhaps for breeders, and some of my own mixed breed hound who can really turn on the pathos! He could be very suitable for petsitters or dog walkers. There is a photo of him digging in a mole hill, so for a bit of fun I thought that might make a molecatcher's card. Another shows him helping himself to rosehips - perfect for healthy pet food businesses! A very hairy sheepdog with hair over it's eyes which makes a dog grooming card with a bit of humour. A vintage Jack Russell photographed with a bandaged eye and leg for vets and animal hospitals, and one of another dog looking a bit mean and nervous, for behaviour specialists and trainers. Lastly a terrier and puppy playing tug with a rubber bone, for sellers of supplies and toys, or perhaps doggy day care. Of course, any of these can be used for any canine business. Both of these images link to the same collection.
Dog photo business cards vertical templates

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