Thursday, May 3, 2012

Construction business cards

Excavator business card sample
A yellow excavator on a construction site
For smaller companies with an excavator for landscaping, installing septic tanks and general building work, to larger companies with more machinery or plant hire, these cards feature yellow, red and blue excavators, one in the process of demolishing a house. For builders and roofers, a roofing card showing a section of roof trusses, and for plant hire, a red and white tower crane on a building site with an excavator on the reverse. I've included these templates as 'rural' as there are plenty of one-man businesses with a digger who do all sorts of land clearing and trench digging work & drainage
Excavator business card Construction industries business card zazzle_profilecardTower crane business card zazzle_profilecardDemolition industry with excavator zazzle_profilecardYellow excavator business card zazzle_profilecardNew roof builder's business card zazzle_profilecardYellow excavator business card zazzle_profilecardDemolition company card with excavator zazzle_profilecardDemolition and Construction Company zazzle_profilecard

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