Friday, April 13, 2012

Farrier and horseshoeing business card templates updated

My print on demand range of farrier business card templates has been updated again, with some new horseshoeing designs, including photographic, graphic design and vintage styles. The photographic cards show close-ups of a shoe being nailed onto a hoof and a red hot horseshoe being hammered on an anvil, as well as a vintage photograph of a village blacksmith in England. Some have a horse's head inside a horseshoe, and variations of the horseshoe on different backgrounds. I have split these into two collections shown below, with the horseshoe designs on the right.

Farriers and horseshoeing business cards Farrier horseshoe business cards

There are several with a minimal amount of information and a blank reverse (to leave space for writing appointments etc.), but also in versions with address and other details on the back. All of these cards have templates to personalise them with your name, address and other details.

If you have any special design requests, please do contact me through the "ask this designer" link to the right of each card when opened. There is no charge for simple design or colour changes!

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