Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rural business cards on the move!

I've decided to move all of my business card templates into a new store, Rural Business, partly as I was finding it hard to find my own cards! Now I hope it's better organised and easier to find subjects. So far there are categories for agriculture, antiques, blacksmith & metalwork, botanical, carpentry, cattle, construction, farrier, fish and fishing, forestry, fruit and vegetables, equine, insects, poultry, stonemason and veterinarian. There are more categories to follow, but any that are missing can be found at my original store, ruralfrance, and all of the old links will still work. Here are some of the new or revamped cards, I will post some from each section in the coming days. First off is agriculture (part 1). These are designed not only for farmers, but farm supplies or agricultural contractors. The first cards show a modern green combine harvester, a harvester, baler and tractor & trailer, and a tractor with a trailer collecting cut grass for silage. The next three, a lone ear of barley or wheat standing up above the rest of the crop - I thought this might be a good image for soil analysts, but I'm sure it could be equally good for other rural businesses. Then, an image of a modern crop sprayer attachment, perhaps for fertiliser or other agricultural chemicals, and a cutout of a modern tractor and plough from the rear on a light green background.
Combine Harvester business card profilecardAgricultural contractor business card profilecardGreen tractor trailer business card profilecardBarley business card template profilecardAgricultural crop sprayer business card profilecardAgricultural machinery business card profilecard
Next is the popular field of maize card - a landscape with a close up of maize or corn plants in the foreground and rows of the crop in the background against a showery spring sky and misty trees, then two new versions of a red tractor plowing (ploughing), a close-up photo from the rear with the plow or plough turning the soil.
Agricultural maize business card profilecardTractor plowing business card profilecardTractor plowing business card profilecard
Following on, are six photos of a vintage tractor (ours, in fact, an International Harvester 523), with a yellow Rivierre Casalis square baler in the process of collecting and baling, one with a line of bales behind, and an old red spinner or tedder, in action with the tines throwing the hay into the air. Another is in action cutting the grass in our paddock for hay in a pretty rural landscape, and harrowing a field in winter. These are cards that could be used by smallholders, hay sellers or vintage machinery dealers and repairers.
Square baler business card profilecardHay tedder business card profilecardSquare baler business card profilecardFarm Contractor business card profilecardVintage tractor business card profilecardSquare baler business card profilecard

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