Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Forestry and timber

Wood and woodland management doesn't just stop with planting and felling trees, there are all sorts of different skills and trades involved; cutting and stacking, splitting, sawing into planks, transporting. These cards cover a few of those side industries.
Forestry industries business card profilecardForestry industries business card profilecard
Two business cards showing a forest harvester cutting and stripping trees. These amazing machines can do the job of several men as it grips a tree while felling it, then turns it sideways running the trunk through it's jaws to strip off the branches, cuts the trunk into measured lengths, and then stacks it for collection. This one is the well-known Finnish Ponsse brand, other makes are John Deere's Timberjack and Komatsu's Valmet
Woodland in autumn business card profilecardWoodland in autumn business card profilecard
Two cards showing stacked felled tree trunks, ready for collection, against a colorful fall woodland background.
Log splitter business card profilecardLog splitter business card profilecardWood chipper business card profilecardWood chipping business card profilecard
A logsplitter or woodsplitter and a wood chipping machine in action. This industrial size log splitter can split a whole tree trunk section into six pieces lengthways while the wood chipper takes large branches - the chips can be seen flying out of the machine.

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